The NAMM Show 2019


Winter NAMM has come to a close and with that, ushered in what we hope will be another successful year. In true MTD style, the booth sported a slew of fantastic players, smiles, and of course, new instruments!


Say hello to “The Headless,” our most travel friendly 5 string to date. Pictured above, this beauty soars in the hands of players, for the first time. Features include a highly figured maple top on a mahogany body, with a maple neck and a birds-eye maple fingerboard. The red headless is exceptionally clear and articulate, with a good low end growl, solid mids, and a nice warm, sweet treble— the perfect travel companion.


Pictured above, an attendee puts the white Andrew Gouché Signature Bass through it’s paces. This configuration features 24 frets with a maple burl top, an alder body with a maple neck, and a stunning Birdseye maple fingerboard. The sound is big and warm, with a very sweet upper mid and treble, packing a good punch.


This year’s artist demos created an atmosphere of all-around excitement. Brian Allen, Justin Raines, Sam Smith, Robert Bubby Lewis, Andrew Gouché, and Norm Stockton always bring passion and skill.

Pictured above, Brian Allen sports his 535-24— maple burl top on alder body, with a toasted maple neck and Birdseye fingerboard.


Justin Raines with his killer Signature Saratoga.


Last but not least, Bubby, pictured with the first ever “Super 5.” Northern ash body, maple neck, and an Indian rosewood fingerboard.

While every year the NAMM convention grows, the greatest part of the show will always be seeing our artists, sharing new instruments, and making new friends. Thank you all, for visiting us at the NAMM show and sharing in our excitement and enthusiasm for our creations. We wish you a joyful year and hope to see you soon!

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