The Lynn Keller Signature 532-24

Michael Tobias Design is proud to introduce the Signature 532-24 Lynn Keller Signature model bass, designed in collaboration with none other than all-star bassist Lynn Keller. This instrument is unique in both it's size, string spacing, and the amazing set of characteristics bundled into its compact and player-friendly design. Toting the quality of traditionally sized 535 MTDs, this smaller 532-24 configuration makes for one powerful yet lightweight instrument.  Click through, to hear Michael Tobias and Lynn Keller's thoughts on the evolution of the Lynn Keller Signature model we know today. 

Lynn has toured with top acts such as Diana Ross, Rita Coolidge, Michelle Shocked, The Original Fifth Dimension, Nell Carter, and a host of other top artists. In this video, Lynn discusses her relationship with MTD and how her Signature 532-24 became what it is today. Lynn is also featured in this month's issue of Bass Musician Magazine (page 97) and is also interviewed at this past winter NAMM show on the Bass Musician Magazine Website.