Norm Stockton Artist Saratoga Walkthrough


Norm Stockton (Lincoln Brewster, Bobby Kimball/TOTO) has worked with Michael Tobias Design to create the Norm Stockton Artist Saratoga Bass-- a bass with the ability to produce the traditional MTD sound with a great modern slap tone and a traditional warm rock finger tone. This bass also delivers that Jaco bridge pickup tone, along with many others.

In the video below, Norm Stockton gives a brief walkthrough of the instrument, detailing the features that are most supportive of his playing style and approach. The various tones he can accomplish are also discussed, along with a walkthrough of the EQ/Preamp features on the bass. 

This collaboration was achieved by listening and experimenting with various wood combinations, construction details, and electronics. The body of the Norm Stockton Artist Edition bass is a quilted maple top on an alder body. The neck is maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard and titanium inserts in the neck, as well as a laminated peg head, to help control the voice. This bass has a pickup and preamp system by Bartolini that consists of two dual coil humbucking pickups that can be split from double to single coil-- that is an active split, with no volume drop.