The Norm Stockton MTD Saratoga Artist Bass

It is our pleasure to introduce the MTD Saratoga Norm Stockton Artist Edition bass. After years of Norm looking for a solution to having to carry several basses on the road, we have collaborated to create a signature model that is versatile enough to fill his sonic needs as well as the needs of any touring player. The bass has the ability to produce the traditional MTD sound,  a great modern slap tone, a more traditional warm rock finger tone, the Jaco bridge pickup tone and a myriad of others.

This collaboration was achieved by listening and experimenting with the wood combinations, construction and electronics. The body of the Norm Stockton Artist Edition bass is a quilted maple top on an alder body. The neck is maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard and titanium inserts in the neck, as well as a laminated peg head to help control the voice. This bass has a pickup and preamp system by Bartolini that consists of two dual coil humbucking pickups that can be split from double to single coil that is an active split with no volume drop.

The Norm Stockton Artist Edition MTD is the product of all of our efforts to satisfy the needs of the touring and session musician. The strength in tone and versatility of this instrument combine the vision and standards of quality that Norm Stockton and MTD practice and believe in. It’s been a pleasure to work with Norm to develop this wonderful instrument.

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